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Roohafza Ensemble - Yade Vesal

Roohafza Ensemble - Yade Vesal 4125 views | Category: Music / Müzik | Added by admin on 2012/02/20
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Music video of the song "Yade Vesal" by Roohafza Ensemble (Tanbur Players of Esfahan).

Roohafza ensemble (The Tanbur players of Esfahan) was founded in 1998. Roohafza has endeavoured to introduce a particular aspect of mystical and Sufi music, specially the hidden and undiscovered capacities in tones of Tanbur encompassing the mystical poems, mostly the poems of “Mevlava Celaleddin Rumi”. Roohafza, since its inception, has performed many concerts and sessions in several different countries and some music festivals around the world alongside some renowned media producers.

  While using various kind of string and percussion instruments, the ancient and mystical instruments Tanbur (The first Persian string instrument), Ney and Daf are the main instruments of ensemble.
  Aliasghar Rahimi is founder, director and composer of Roohafza and regarded as a master Tanbur player. He has perfected his own special strumming technique and his composition are inspired and based upon melodies (Magham) of Tanbur of “Ahl-e Hagh”, allowing the audiences to feel the mystical passion and ecstasy of Rumi’s poems in amorous and emotional form.


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