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Sami Yusuf - Who is the Loved One? (Live)

Sami Yusuf - Who is the Loved One? (Live) 2962 views | Category: Music / Müzik | Added by admin on 2012/10/12
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Live performance of the track "Who Is The Loved One?" by Sami Yusuf. Live at Wembly Arena.

Lyrics: Bara Kherigi & Sami Yusuf
Melody: Sami Yusuf

Who is the Loved One? Allah
Who is Ar-Rahman? Allah
Who is al-Mannan?

La ilaha illa Allah
Muhammadun Rasulu Allah,
Muhammad is the Messenger
To Allah is our return
La illaha illa Allah
Muhammadun Rasulu Allah (2)
Allah; Allah;
Allahu Akbar (2)
All praise is due to
The One and the Only
He is the Master
Of all creation (2)
He's the Sustainer
And the Maintainer
Of the whole universe

He gave us life
He gave us light (2)
He sent to guide us
Rasula Allah
Rahmanun Jabbarun Mannanun Tawwabun Karim
Ghafurun Raufun Saburun Shakurun Halim
[Some of the names of Allah]
Who is the Loved One? Allah
Who is al Basir? Allah
Who is al Khabir?

Any one who fails
To see all the signs
Of His existence
That He has spread around

Will be completely blind
Walking in the desert sands
Having no peace of mindWho is the Loved One? Allah
Who is al-Majid? Allah
Who is al-Hamid?


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