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Sami Yusuf - My Ummah (Live)

Sami Yusuf - My Ummah (Live) 2686 views | Category: Music / Müzik | Added by admin on 2012/10/12
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Live performance of "My Ummah" by Sami Yusuf. Live at Wembly Arena.

Lyrics & Melody: Sami Yusuf

My ummah, my ummah
He will say
Rasulullah on that day
Even though we've strayed from him and his way

My brothers, my sisters, in Islam
Let's struggle, work, and pray
If we are to
Bring back the glory of his way

Ya Allah yarabbal 'alamin
Ya rabbi
O Allah Lord of the Worlds
O Merciful and Beneficent
O my Lord

Let the Ummah rise again
Let us see daylight again
Once again

Let's become whole again
Proud again
'Cause I swear with firm belief in our hearts
We can bring back the glory of our past

My ummah, my ummah
He will say
Rasulullah on that day
Even though we strayed from him and his way

Look at where we were
And look at where we are
And tell me
Is this how he'd want it to be?
Oh no! Let us bring back our glory


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