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JadaL Band - Salma

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Official music video of the song Salma by JadaL Band.
جدل - سلمى
Direted by Motaz Matar.
Produced by Tima al shomali
Composed and Lyrics by Mahmoud Radaideh.
Guitars: Mahmoud Radaideh
Bass: Kamel Almani
Vocals: Rami Delshad
Drums: Laith Nimri

JadaL (English: Controversy) (Arabic: جدل‎) is a Jordanian Arabic Rock band from Amman, Jordan, formed in 2003 by Composer/Music Producer/Guitarist Mahmoud Radaideh, which has held various members over the years.

When the band released their first single ‘El Tobah’ (Repentance), a cover of Abdul Halim Hafez’s legendary love song, their musical style, coined as Arabic Rock, was described as ‘groundbreaking’ due to its unique blend of rock and Arabic, or more specifically Jordanian, lyrics.

JadaL then released their first original single, Salma that Mahmoud Radaideh wrote and composed for his niece, which quickly became a radio hit and gained many followers, thus cementing JadaL ‘as one of the premier arabic rock bands in the country and the region’. Shortly after, JadaL’s debut album 'Arabic Rocks' was released in 2009, the members back then consisted of Mahmoud Radaideh (Guitars, Compositions), Kamel Almani (Bass, Compositions), Rami Delshad (Vocals) and Laith Nimri (Drums). The album was well-received, staying true to their principles and ‘polished’ rock sound.[1] Produced by Mahmoud Radaideh & Hanna Gargour, the album also featured Palestinian Hip-hop artist DAM (band) on the track ‘Ya Bani Adam’ (You Human Being).

In 2011 a new single was released, 'Bye Bye 3azizi' (Arabic: باي باي عزيزي‎) (Bye Bye My Dear), written and composed by Mahmoud Radaideh and main vocals performed by Ahmad Zoubi.

The second album 'El Makina' (Arabic: الماكينه‎) was released Dec 2012, composed written and produced by Mahmoud Radaideh, performed by: Vocals:Ahmad Zoubi, Mahmoud Radaideh. Acoustic Drums: Ammar Urabi. Bass: Amjad Shahrour, Mahmoud Radaideh. Keyboards and Synthesisers: Bader Helalat, Mahmoud Radaideh, Hani Mezian. Guitars: Mahmoud Radaideh. Mixed by: David Scott. Recorded at Sweetspot Sound works studios in Amman.

In local and international concerts and festivals, JadaL often performs with local and regional artists, such as Canteca de Maco, Jericho, Rim Banna, DAM (band), Omar Al-Abdallat, Mashrou' Leila and others.


Arabic Rocks (2009)

01 Iss
02 Salma
03 Ya Bani Adam (feat. DAM) (You Human being)
04 Omr Jdeed (New life)
05 Ya Ahla Oyoun (Prettiest Eyes)
06 Al Tobah (Abd Al Haleem Hafiz Cover)
07 Meen Shaf Habibi (Who Has Seen My Love)
08 Niyalak (Lucky You)
09 El Daraweesh
10 La Tloum (Don't Blame)
11 Galbi Mithel ElWard (My Heart is Like The Rose)
12 Nseet Ahla Thekra (I Forgot The Sweetest Memory)
13 Bayya' ElKastana (The Chestnut Seller)
14 Rah Bakkeer (Gone Too Soon)

El Makina (2012)

01 Ghabeh B'eed
02 Ana Bakhaf Min El Commitment
03 Fe Nabd Ana Has
04 El Makina
05 I'm in Love With Wala Bint
06 Yum El Jum'a Dayman Ashwab
07 Zad El Sheib
08 Bye Bye Azizi
09 Ma Raddatish
10 Hada Yakhud Makani



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