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Mesut Kurtis - Tabassam (Arabic)

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Song: Tabassam
Artist: Mesut Kurtis
Album: Tabassam
Lyrics & Melody: Aziz Elshafie
Arrangement: Ahmed Adel
Strings Arrangement: Tamer Ghoneim
Video by: Abdulrahman El Abyad

بتعقّد ليه في حياتك؟
(Why do you complicate your life?)

و بتحزن و تتأثّر
(Why the sadness and despair?)

لو كنت ناسي تذكّر
(If you forgot then remember…)

سيرة نبينا و فكّر
(The life of our Prophet, and contemplate…)

اسمع كلامه تفاءل
(Follow his advice and be optimistic)

بَشّر و لا تنفّر
(Give glad tidings, do not scare people away)

و وحّد الله في قلبك
(And allow none but Allah in your heart)

قادر في عسرك ييسّر
He has the power to turn your hardship into ease)

صَلِّ علي النبي و تبسم
(Send blessings upon the Prophet and smile!)

ده النبي تبسم و تبسم
(For the Prophet smiled and smiled)

ده النبي تبسم
(For the Prophet smiled)

اللهم صَلِّ عليه
(O Allah, send Your blessings upon him)

قوم صَلِّ و ادعِ من قلبك
(Stand up to pray and supplicate from your heart)

هيبعد الهمّ عنك
(He will take your worries away)

طول ما أنت مؤمن بربك
(As long as you believe in your Lord…)

هيكون عند حسن ظنك
(He will be as your good opinion is of Him)

و قول يا رب أنا عبدك - يا الله
(And say “O Lord, I am your slave - O Allah!”)

راضي بقضائك و عدلك - يا الله
(“I am content with Your decree and Your justice - O Allah!")

اعقلها بس و توكّل
(Do your part and then rely on Him)

و خلِّ على الله أملك ، و صَلِّ
(And pin all your hopes on Allah, and pray)

جبت اليأس منين؟
(Where did all this despair come from?)

قلِّي إيمانك فين؟
(Tell me, where is your faith gone?!)

كله بأمر الله
(Everything that happens is by the will of Allah)

والعسر بين يسرين
And hardship is always followed by ease


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