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Zain Bhikha - Someday

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Official Video by South African Singer-Songwriter, Zain Bhikha. His latest hit song "Someday" is epic and talks about humanity coming together for one purpose, finding peace. This song is the first single from his album, Songs of a Soul.

I see your face across the place that’s burning
By the fire of what we fear the most
Where is the rain that brings the mercy
Shower down and drench us to the bone

I dream of the day,
we’ll look into each others eyes
I dream of the way,
we’ll see the same soul inside
We’ll cross the deepest water
Find a place for you and I

Salaam, Salaam Salaamun Salaam
Salaam. Salaam, Salaamun Salaam

In our deepest, darkest hour of the night
Different colours bind to make the purest light
Finally free in our submission
To the One with whom our hearts reside
Gaze into the deepest well
Find a pearl within the hardest shell
See reflections of ourselves

Salaam, Salaam Salaamun Salaam
Salaam. Salaam, I dream we’ll see that day
Salaam, Salaam Salaamun Salaam
Salaam. Salaam, Somehow we find our way
Salaam, Salaam Salaamun Salaam


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Name 2015-10-28 23:48:31
mashallah! amazing!
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