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Does Fine-Tuning in the Universe implies the GOD is exist? | Prof. Michael Rota

It's about 50 years ago in the 20th century physicists discovered a huge coincidence and it's still a major puzzle in physics today and it's an unsolved problem.

The Coincidence has to do with this fact the laws of physics appear to be just right to allow for Star formation and star formation is required for life.

Now why is that... Well for to have life my  physical life like ours you need stable material structures that last through time and  they also need to be able to reproduce themselves. So even something as simple as a virus needs  to be stable but also has to have a mechanism for reproducing itself.
So we need stability and  complexity and if all you had was hydrogen atoms and maybe some helium you wouldn't have stability  and complexity. So to get life you need the chemistry of the higher elements to get the higher  elements you need stars.

What's surprising is that star formation looks like  just a super lucky coincidence. Here's why. There are two forces competing as the universe develops: one is gravity, pulling everything back together; the other is whatever is causing space to expand.

It's like a tug of work. Gravity wants to pull things together, the expanding space wants to pull them apart and they  have to be very finely balanced.

So it turns out if space works expanding too quickly, all those hydrogen gas molecules, wouldn't have form clumps. They wouldn't have form Stars. They just would have separated.
If there's too little expansion of space, then gravity pulls everything together and everything collapses into one mass and you get a big crunch, the opposite of big bang and it happens way too fast for evolution to ever get started. There's no way you can get life going if there's a big crunch too soon.


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