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Brooklyn Funk Essentials - Istanbul Twilight

5094 views | Category: Music | Added by admin on 2011/07/07
Tag: brooklyn funk essentials, music video, istanbul, laço tayfa, fusion

"Istanbul Twilight" music video by Brooklyn Funk Essentials.

it's from the mountain
upon the mountain
upon the mountain
chanting drinking from the fountain
i upon the mountain
chanting drinking from the fountain
a'ight come on
up on the mountain i m a chillin with my sistrin
two head one pillow looking out the window
i could get high on istanbul twilight
herb is illegal so we not take no chance
not gonna end up in da babylon trance
the tales are world famous of jazz is notorius
i think i ll try an istanbul twilight
i got a seagull and the imma man sistria
plus the sight of the daylight departing
i get the high from the istanbul twilight
why wont ya set me free
aint you ready for the mountain top


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