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Sami Yusuf - Never Forget (Live)

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"Never Forget" dedicated to the victims of the Srebrenica genocide and their families. Written & composed by Sami Yusuf. Bosnian lyrics by Nihad Sladic.
Recorded Live alongside the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra at the Sarajevo National Stadium.

When you smile, it makes me smile
When you cry, I can't help but cry
Sarajevo, it's you I long for
How you suffered silently throughout the ages

I cried for you, oh I died for you
I carry you in my heart

Don't live in fear
Nor in regret
You should forgive
But never forget

You are the most beautiful city in the world
Life nowhere else compares to life in you
All the wonderful souls of your people make the soul of you
My Sarajevo

I cried for you, I died for you
How you suffered, how you suffered


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