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Fadi Tolbi & Zain Bhikha - Elahi (Official Video)

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Elahi is an inspirational song speaks about the personal relationship between us and our Creator. We can only find peace through His Remembrance.

Features reknowned Middle Eastern Artist, Fadi Tolbi and South African Singer-Songwriter, Zain Bhikha

Arabic translation :
Oh God You are my only Lord, You know everything
I came to You humbled, seeking Your forgiveness
You are al Kareem and al Jawad and al Samad and al Azeez , all creatures came to You
Oh lord I beg You don’t forsake me, no one care about me but You

Verse 1
The morning light shines through the dark
O lord, please bring peace to this broken heart
And I stand before You alone
A lost soul trying to find my way home
Lord, will You not find me, when I yearn for Your love
Lord, will You not help, when I cry out enough

Chorus 1
Allahumma Antas Salaam
Wa minkus Salaam
Ta baarakta Yathil Jallaali wal ikraam

Chorus 2
Everyday is a struggle, Everyday is a struggle
Help me get up and walk, Lord
Everyday is a struggle, Everyday is a struggle
Allah, help me to walk

Verse 2
I try to break through this hold on my past
Sow the seeds of hope and faith in only Allah
And I am broken with no where to go
The only road is to the One, whose mercy forever flows

Performed by Fadi Tolbi and Zain Bhikha
Arabic written by By Dr. Aref Alsheikh
English written by Zain Bhikha
Published by Zain Bhikha Studios (SA) 2011

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