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Dawud Wharnsby Ali - Sing Children of the World (Live)

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Canadian nasheed artist Dawud Wharnsby Ali performing "Sing Children of the World" at the Global Peace & Unity Event Excel Arena London 2005. Event organised by Islam Channel.

Walking through the crowded streets of a market in Morocco
Sitting on a smiling camel in the desert of Arabia
Chasing 'round the bamboo trees abandoned in Indonesia
Gathering brightly coloured leaves in a forest of Canada
Napping beneath the date palm shade under blue skies of Tunisia
Sweeping out his parents' shop on a side street in Pakistan
Planting rows of beans and maize on a small farm in Uganda
Laying back to count the stars from somewhere in Afghanistan

Oh Sing Children of the World
Come together and hear the call
Sing Children of the World
Islam will unite us all

Subhanallah, Wa Alhamdullillah Wa Allahu Akbar!

Splashing through the pouring rain in a village of Guyana
Nibbling cakes from picnic plates on a mountain top in Switzerland
Tending to a flock of sheep down under in Australia
Greeting morning with a prayer on the golden Egyptian Sand

Crying himself to sleep with no hope left for dreaming
Begging in the burning sun, holding out her hand
Palms held tightly on his ears to muffle all the screaming
Sitting where her house once stood trying hard to understand


See the Children of the World
All the Children of the World
Sing for the Children of the World
Pray for the Children of the World


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