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Sami Yusuf - Make Me Strong (Official Video)

10406 views | Category: Music | Added by admin on 2012/04/10
Tag: sami yusuf, nasheed, peace songs, pray, dua, lyrics, official music video

Official music video of "Make Me Strong" from the album "Wherever You Are" by Sami Yusuf.

Written, composed and produced by Sami Yusuf

I know I’m waiting
Waiting for something
Something to happen to me
But this waiting comes with
Trials and challenges
Nothing in life is free

My Lord show me right from wrong
Give me light make me strong
I know the road is long
Make me strong
Sometimes it just gets too much
I feel that I’ve lost touch
I know the road is long
Make me strong

I know I’m waiting
Yearning for something
Something known only to me
This waiting comes with
Trials and challenges
Life is one mystery
I wish that somehow
You’d tell me out aloud
That on that day you’ll forgive me
But we’ll never know cause
That’s not the way it works
I beg for your mercy



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ivy 2014-10-14 12:29:30
You gave me goosebumps. Message
selam0 2013-03-10 12:38:56
very nice words, thank you for share
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