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Indialucia - Kyabathe (Bulerias)

5191 views | Category: Music | Added by nihavend on 2012/05/04
Tag: indialucia, flamenco, fusion, bulerias, boondock saints soundtrack, çingene müziği, hint, ispanya, hindistan, klasik hint müziği, new tradition, fryderyk, folk phonogram, wirtualne gesle, world music

Indialucia group performing Bulerias Kyabathe from their first album.

Miguel Czachowski on flamenco guitar
Avaneendra Sheolikar on sitar
Sandesh Popatkar on tabla
Dobroslaw Filip on cajon

Directed and edited by Ville Tanttu
The Indian exclamation kyabathe, just as the Spanish expression, ole! , is shouted spontaneously by musicians and public to express their enthusiasm. In this piece the exclamations are not lacking, which is typical for such dynamic forms of flamenco such as the bulerías. This composition also implicates those elements, which in Indian music besides mysticism are expressions, instrumental virtuosity and sense of rhythm. The elements of both cultures are dovetailed in this composition, which is based on most near to a flamenco scale - in Indian music it is referred as basant mukhari.


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