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Humood AlKhudher - صيام الفقراء (Fasting of Poors) (Arabic)

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Music video for aid song صيام الفقراء (Siyam Al Fukara) by Humood AlKhudher - حمود الخضر

The song title meaning is "Fasting of Poors"

صمتُ شهراً باختياري .. صام دهراً باضطرارِ
عندما كنت صغيرا، أخبروني أن أصوم
كي أرى في الجوع صبر الفقراء..
ليتهم قد أخبروني أن لماذا قد يصوم الفقراء؟!
علَّموني.. عندما كنت صغيرا..
أن للدرهم والدينار حق الادخار..
ليتهم قد أخبروني أن لي أهلاً بتلك الأرض..
تحت الاحتضـــار!


I fasted a month by choice..
He fasted a month by necessity.
When I was little they told me to fast...
So that I may see, through hunger, the patience of the poor.
How I wish they had told me...
About why it is that the poor always fast.
They taught me, when I was little,
That money should be saved.
How I wish they had told me...
That I have family in other lands - surrounded by death.


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