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Outlandish - Feels Like Saving The World

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Music video for "Feels Like Saving The World" taken from the album "Sound of a Rebel" by Outlandish.
Under snow full of ash
Draw to you like the 5 draws (?)
Cold hands like doing crash
Wanna say I love you sometimes, but it aint happenin'
Other times I'm back in the cold, frost appears not in the winter only
It gets so cold, still we keep comin' out for more
We just let it pourin' right (?)
See the more we hide behind slammin' doors tomorrow surely we'll die
I can't believe they would flee so easily we ain't love deprived
Girl we just make somethin' divine, less perfect, more human with time
Until then I try so go ahead now

You may shoot, you may cut, you may kill me girl
Your words, your eyes, in and out of this crazy world
And still I rise, like it I rise.
She was stuck between a rock and a hard hard place
Came home, runin' wild, in and out of emptiness
And still you rise, like it you rise.

I wanna tell you sometimes, it feels like we've killed the world
Don't wanna leave you like no mercy left at all
Then I don't know where the love, will come back into our lives
It feels like saving the world, saving the world
You and I

Me matan
Estos momentos me matan
Me ponen al borde
De un grito me sacan
De quisio ni locura ni la drogas me la curan
Y aunque el cielo pa me juran
Se lo soy lo que soy
Soy el que duda
Se me chiebra la calma
Y ahora siento que sigo
Esta flecha se almueye (?)
Al final del camino
Y al final no me sofoco
El aire puro respiro
Al sentir tu aroma,
Despertar contigo

A thousand roses isolated and everybody knows
We cry, we try, try to get it together for sure
And still we'll rise, like it we'll rise
Suga' suga', I was dreamin' last night about you
Wrapped up in real talk I will not lose
And still we'll rise, and still we'll rise
Like it we'll rise

[Repeat Chorus:]

We saved the world, we killed the world
We saved the world, we killed the world
We saved the wolrd, tonight (X2)

[Repeat Chorus:]

Me matan (x3)


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