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Native Deen - Labbayk

5237 views | Category: Music | Added by admin on 2011/07/01
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Abdul-Malik Ahmad from the group Native Deen went on the pilgrimage to Mecca in Dec 07 for the very first time. This video that goes along with this new song from the album "Not Afraid to Stand Alone".


Labayk Allah, Huma Labayk.
It's a journey for Allah that I wanna make.

Bound to the sound when the Hajjis go round,
In the place where we face they put their heads to the ground.
Bowin' in submission with conviction of steel.
It's a feeling of peace, I someday hope I can feel

When the month it comes around, its called the month Dhul-Hij
People come from every place on this planet to do it.
It's the Hajj, is a journey to the house of Allah
Where over two million different people come from near and from far...

By car, and by boat and by plane and by the camel
Some brothers even do it by foot just with a sandal.
But when they arrive and then city just glows.
You'll understand the reasoning why everyone goes

Seeking forgiveness from Allah, in every step that they take
Here I am for my creator, Yah they cry out labayk


From Madinah to Musdelifa, sights that you never saw,
Best of all the trips ain't nothing less that I will settle for
Dawn of lhram, where we all put on white,
All of the people [putting on the sheets so that we all look alike

Doing tawaf around the Qaba kissin' the black stone if you can,
But you haven't done nothing till you've done Zam-Zam
Gettin' on that bus so you can get to Ararat,
Getting all those pebbles used to stone the Jamarat.

Pacing back and forth between the Saffa and the Marwah
Commemorating what was done for Ishmael by Hagar
Sacrifice a lamb then going ahead and shave your held
People are joining in the feasting after all the prayers are said.

Now nothing beats this trip not even Taj Mahal
Cause there's Africans, Indonesians from Egypt and all,
I'm looking forward to this trip I someday hope I can make
Here I am for my creator and when I cry out Labayk



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