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Zain Bhikha - Better Day

5580 views | Category: Music | Added by admin on 2011/11/29
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Better Day is a song by South African Singer-Songwriter, Zain Bhikha that aims to inspire people to act against abuse and create awareness of the negative impact of violence on women and children.

You told me, I can never be anything
But I’ll show you, there’s nothing that I cannot be
If I put my trust in Him

Gonna find my own voice yeah,
I’m gonna make my own way
He’s the only reason
I’m gonna find a Better Day
In between all the noises
Underneath all the pain
He’s the only reason, I’m gonna find a Better Day

You left me, with no return in sight
A hollow scream in the middle of the night
So wont you please, let go of me inside
I need to spread my soul and fly


I’m gonna try right now, find the strength somehow
It aint easy for me, oh you broke me down
But I don’t hate you at all, there’s still love in my heart
Oh the reason we fall, is to rise


Performed by Zain Bhikha
Written by Zain Bhikha
Published by Zain Bhikha Studios (SA) 2011



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ikra 2012-07-13 17:22:05
masha allah i love this song
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