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Hamza Namira - Ehlam Maaya (Dream with Me)

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Music video of the son "Ehlam Maaya (Dream with Me)" from the album "Dream with Me" by Hamza Namira.
DREAM WITH ME (EHLAM MAAYA) (English Translation)

Dream with me,
Of a tomorrow that’s coming,
And if it doesn’t come,
We’ll bring it ourselves.
We’ll stride upon this path,
Our many footsteps will lead us to our dream.

No matter how many times we fall,
We’ll be able to rise again,
Find the way through, challenge and defy the dark clouds,
We’ll find our night transformed into a thousand days,
Only if we dream.

Dream with me my friend,
Our footsteps will shorten the distance
I care about my innocent dream
Whatever it may be
It will stand beside us
No matter how long our journey becomes
Even if we become lost, my friend,
Our reunion will rally us toward our dream,
Towards our dream,



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