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Farid Alhadi - Firstday Fast

3933 views | Category: Music | Added by admin on 2012/07/23
Tag: farid, farid alhadi, jeremiah, cover, lyrics, fasting, ramadan, funny music videos

Firstday Fast is a funny music video about fasting.

This is a cover by Farid Alhadi for Jeremiah's Birthday song.

Director:Hisham Izzeldin
Producer: Franco Espinoza

Verse 1
It's your first day, so I know you want to eat out
Even if we only eat at my house
Drink more zamzam as we sit upon my couch
Tastes good, but you know the sun is still out
You say that you're fasting
Its almost Maghreb
and Asr is passing
Your betnot miss it
Im smellin your chicken
It smells delicious
Tell me how you want
your dish oh


oh I make duaa
oh I make duaa
I've been feenin'
Prayin in the late night...been dreamin' about your curry oh
oh I make duaa
oh I make duaa
Don't need candy or cake
just need some milk and some dates yeah

First Day Fast
First Day Fast

Its the best month of the year oh

First Day Fast
First Day Fast

Smell that chicken, so hot... wait is that...zabiha, biha?
Verse 2
Smell that curry and them beans,
got me on 10
1-2-3, pass me that napkin
Don't tap until the end
Come suhoor; we start over again
Youre tired of fasting, but it's your first day
Been at it for hours...I know you're thirsty
The dates smell so sweetly...taste just like Hershey's
Tell me how you want yo dish, oh

First I'm gonna take a date and drink some water - drink until I know I pleased
my body (body ah oop)
Or oh Ill take a broom
I might just sweep below your feet
And make you wanna pray tarawih
Or maybe we should go inside and pray Maghreb
Go make wudu and dont forget to wash your legs
We work our way from kitchen stoves, and tables
oh you know I'm more than able to eat, yeah
Say you waited hours for Maghreb
But first you gotta go and bow your head



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