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Eğlenceli İngilizce: İngilizce Örnek Cümleler 2

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İngilizce Örnek Cümleler ve Türkçe karşılıkları...

Hazırlayan ve Sunan: Mustafa Birgin

Eğlenceli İngilizce / Enlem ve Boylam 90 (Şubat 2016)

Ayrıntı ve daha fazlası için:

My mother used to scold me for not eating vegetables.

He was a brilliant theoretical scientist but he had never tested his theories.

I have a tendency to take things too seriously.

I found studying law very tedious so I changed my degree to English.

The Earth is a sphere in terms of shape.

I am short-sighted so I always wear spectacles.

I usually sprinkle a little sugar over my cereal in the morning.

He had been asleep for over 12 hours, and yet it was still difficult to rouse him.

We felt that the judgement was completely arbitrary and that it had no reasonable basis.

If you wash clothes in very hot water, they might shrink to a smaller size.

Vanity is her biggest problem. She spends all day looking in a mirror.


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