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Eğlenceli İngilizce: Örnek Cümleler

3604 views | Category: Education | Added by misti on 2017/06/19
Tag: mbirgin, enlem ve boylam, eğlenceli ingilizce, english, süslü ingilizce, ingilizce kalıplar, sesli ingilizce, ingilizce cümleler, ingilizce türkçe çeviri, tiyatral ingilizce

İngilizce örnek cümleler ve Türkçe karşılıkları...

Hazırlayan ve Sunan: Mustafa Birgin

Eğlenceli İngilizce / Enlem ve Boylam 89 (Ocak 2016)

Ayrıntı ve daha fazlası için:

I had private tuition in French and German so I can speak them quite well.

My son is quite timid around strangers.

Some species thrive in cold temperatures whilst others cannot survive at all.

We have measurements. We’ve got the height and length. Now we just need the breadth.

Be careful with that knife it has a really sharp blade .

If you don’t clean your teeth, plaque can accumulate on them.

My velvet jacket may be old-fashioned but it feels really nice to touch.

You need to enter a special sequence of numbers to make the door open.

I bought some bread and a jar of jam to go with it.


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